Warm. Soothing. Friendly. Adult Male. Voice Over


Warm. Soothing. Friendly. Adult Male. Voice Over

Plum Audio Productions

Michael Verny’s VO Home

As a voice over artist my sound has been defined as warm, soothing, comforting, sometimes slightly throaty and friendly.

I am the guy next door that you wave to on your way to work, that you stop over to borrow a tool or just go to his neighborhood barbecue.

I work very hard to ensure a high quality, clean sound that will meet your needs

Michael Verny, the oldest of four children,was born in a small college town in Upstate New York. His parents, both teachers, were his original inspiration for his passion for learning and reading, which eventually led to an interest in voiceover work. 

Michael proudly served his country in the U.S. Navy after High School which allowed him to travel the globe affording him the opportunity to experience many different cultures and a broader world view. He went on to work in manufacturing, welding, electronics and eventually I.T. administration. Having such a diverse background lends to his being comfortable with many different industries as well as the people involved with them.

It has been said that he is “outgoing and friendly and quick to make people feel at ease. I don’t think he ever leaves a room without making a new friend.  He has a quick wit: and sarcasm is his spirit animal.”

He lives in Connecticut with his wife and youngest child and two small rescue pups.

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In The Booth

The vocal chain…

  • Rode NT1 microphone
  • SSL 2 audio interface
  • Senheiser HD 280 studio headphones
  • Mackie CR4BT studio monitors